When it comes to sex, whatever suits you and your partner is fine. There is nothing such as right or wrong; and nothing that you can do or cannot do. This applies to the sex positions too. Actually, whatever position you both are comfortable with and whatever position you want to try out is suitable. You may sit, stand, lie down, be on top or be below, whatever. Everything works!

Christian culture has been very much straitjacketed about sex. The missionary position is commendable because this is the only position that the Christian culture considers to be proper for sex. There are several historical references of this position in which the woman and the man lie side by side, facing each other. The position allows for full penetration and both partners can arouse all parts of each other’s bodies. They can even reach out to the parts that are at the back of the body.

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There is no need to explain why women love this position. It puts the entire power into their hands. They can decide how much they want to arouse and get aroused. They hold control over the man’s penis and hence they can decide how much they want to be penetrated. They can experiment with different stances till they find something that they really like.

Some women prefer to stand when on top while others prefer to kneel. However, there are a lot of different ways in which women use this position. Many women like to experiment when they are on top. Men too like this position at times because it allows them to completely relax for the whole time. Need a partner

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